Is the accommodation walking distance to the village and are there restaurants there?

The Retreat Beach Houses are a beautiful 2km walk along the beach to the Peregian Beach village square with a fabulous range of shopping, dining and boutique retailers.

Between September and May our local lifeguards set up a patrolled/flagged area on the weekends and school holidays, almost directly in front of The Retreat Beach Houses, just a stroll through the sand dunes. All other times of the year the beach in front of the village square (2km away) is patrolled during the day.

There is a bakery and an IGA in Peregian Beach (2km away). Coles is in the Peregian Springs shopping centre (6km away). Alternatively, you can order Coles online, have them deliver on your arrival date and ask us to pack your groceries away.

The Sunshine Coast Bus services go directly past the Retreat beach houses travelling North to Noosa and South to Maroochydore approximately every half hour.