Relax to sounds of the bush bird life and the ocean waves with private, direct access to beautiful Peregian Beach the gateway to Noosa.

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It is not un-common to encounter a wallaby when walking quietly along one of the 3 direct beach access tracks. There are a diversity of lizards sunbaking and ambling through the grounds and well over a hundred bird species, including the Aussie Icon, the Kookaburra and his cousin the butcher bird who is in fact quite cheeky and will accept hand delivered meat morsels!

The foredunes where the bushland opens onto the beach are a nesting ground for loggerhead and green sea turtle. At times guests have been blessed to experience the emerging hatchlings clustered journey to the ocean edge, where crabs, seagulls, kites and sea eagles’ prey. Just as these magnificent creatures return annually, so do hump back whales travelling in families toward the warmer water to birth their calves.

Many guests staying throughout the whale season (May – Nov) are awed by the antics of these playful mammals as they pass by while enjoying a moment on their beach house deck. Architecturally designed, The Retreat Beach Houses feature a peaked high ceiling and open plan living area which invites the surrounding sights, scents and sounds of the outdoors in!